SS16 Photo shoot

SS16 Photo shoot

We're just back from our rather 'belated' SS16 Photo Shoot in France. I say belated as producing hand made garments in India takes TIME. Lots of time.... Anyhow, after a few false starts and date changes, all the samples were finally here in the UK and my friend and make up artist, Judy, and I set off for France. As before it was a nail-biting few days in the run-up to our shoot date watching the forecast fluctuate between rain, thunderstorms and full sun. A sunny day is one of the essentials for a good beachwear shoot but never 100% reliable in the South of France in April. 

Having been up until 1.30am the previous night ironing clothes in a tiny hotel store-room after the flight (Oh the glamour!!!) our 7.30am wake up call came quickly.  Our cosmic-ordering must have been heard however as it dawned bright and sunny and stayed that way all day. We shot at three locations in and around Antibes, including Cap d'Antibes, the Old Town and the Port. It was such a beautiful area and as always when doing a shoot, we attracted a few onlookers who lingered to watch. We had lots of laughs and captured some fabulous images. 

Here are a few of my shots from the sidelines as well as a few out-takes!

We used the same model @auriannesinacolaoff and photographer @jeanfrancoisromero as last year as they were such a great team to work with. 








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