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La Mandarine Beachwear • Thursday 30th May 2013 NEWS 21

Indian flavoured fashion

Designer Rachel Kelly from Killinchy

WE MAY recycle our waste and happily reuse our plastic bags but many of us aren’t so socially responsible when it comes to our clothes.

Killinchy woman Rachel Kelly, is one person who isn’t ignoring the increasingly topical issue of the need for ethically produced clothing and has gone to great lengths to ensure her new clothing range is just that. In fact, Rachel’s plight took her on a long journey to India and back where she undertook extensive research and learned about hand-made techniques in order to lay the foundations of her new beachwear clothing range, La Mandarine.

It seems all her hard work has paid off as the collection of kaftans, cover-ups and dresses - all of which have been hand-made in India using traditional Indian techniques of block printing, hand embroidery and beading on cotton voile - is taking beach resorts by storm as it has recently been snapped up by high end outlets in St Tropez and Ibiza.

Rachel said: “I wanted to create beautiful, unique and ‘one off’ pieces that you struggle to find on the high street but long to wear on holiday. It was really important to me that they were ethically produced too.

“It amazes me that in this day and age there is such a lack of concern over the origin of the products that we buy. Going to India, enabled me to witness the entire production process first hand - fabrics being dyed, air-dried, hand printed, cut and finally hand-stitched, it was fascinating!”

Machines haven’t completely taken over and these hand worked techniques, which require a great deal of skill, are still a valuable source of income in communities in India.

“The quality is second to none and the garments are all so versatile. Coloured trimmings, pompoms and tassels lend a fun, boho edge to the look, to create beautiful and unique pieces perfect for the beach or those summery days,” she continued.

Producing clothing of the highest quality which is both chic and unique is evidently important to Rachel, who hopes that the range’s individuality and ethical production will make it a popular brand with socially conscious shoppers in Ireland and beyond.

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